The Pitcairn Story

NEWS (26 November 2008): well, things are moving, albeit slowly. Amazing footage and a great documentary is in the making, if we say so ourselves! ;-)

In 1787, Lieutenant William Bligh, Fletcher Christian, and the crew of the noble ship "Bounty" set sail for the island paradise of Tahiti.

It was to be a grand adventure that would serve Britain well. But the Bounty never returned to England. If only Lt. Bligh would see his ship again. If only Mr. Christian could ever set foot on his home soil again.
Neither was to be.
The tattoos and temptation of the Polynesian people were too much for Fletcher and some of the crew.

Mutiny separated Bligh from his ship and brought Tahitian women on board to be spirited away by the mutineers to a lost, lonely island far away from the known world.
More than 200 years later, the blood of those brave British sailors and Tahitian women lives on still in the people of Pitcairn Island.

It's a hard, but happy life that Pitcairners carve out of the small island in the middle of the South Pacific. Isolated so far from the rest of modern civilization, even the simplest things for most other people become an expedition.

As it can take weeks or months for supplies and provisions to arrive, Pitcairn survives as much from subsistence agriculture and fishing as it does from outside resources.
How will this remote society of island people be able to cope with the modern pressures and influences of the rest of the modern-day world?"

Dem Tul Pitcairn”, a documentary film by independent filmmakers Marius Luessi and Derick DeGennaro, sets out to learn the secrets of how the descendents of the world’s most famous mutiny have survived for more than eight generations.

They speak to Pitcairners on their island home, and also get the interesting perspective of Pitcairners who have since made their lives in the big world outside Pitcairn; some as far away as Alaska, USA and New Zealand.
What has, and will become of Pitcairn through the years? Will this unique, tiny island be able to survive modern-day pressures and technologies? Or will its simple, happy lifestyle be lost forever?

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All photos taken by M. Luessi, except as noted.

Photo credit: Broughton Lattey

Photo credit: Pawl Warren

Photo credit: Pawl Warren

– coming sometime in 2009 –

This documentary film, once finished, will screen on various television broadcast stations worldwide.
DVDs of this film will be available for purchase also. Exact release dates will be posted here on this
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